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Every day at Henry Ford College, we reaffirm our vision and mission by helping students from around the globe achieve both career and life success. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to this ideal and work without

Cybersecurity: Virtual Crime-Fighting, Real-World Rewards

It may be a “virtual” realm of activity on the Internet, but the criminal activity out there is real. Fraud, identity theft and trafficking in child pornography have all been identified by the FBI as serious crimes.

Dates to Remember @ HFC

March 23 Spring/Summer 2017 Registration Is Now Open April 24 Fall 2017 priority registration April 27 Fall 2017 open registration begins May 2 Final exams begin for 15-week, 12-week and second 8-week semesters May 6 Commencement May

CAD Technology/Industrial Drafting Technology Program

Providing Quality and Value to Industry The technology involved in Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) is constantly changing. Fortunately, HFC’s CAD Technology/Industrial Drafting Technology program is able to accommodate these changes and more. According to Roger Weekes, lead instructor

Robotics Now for the Future

While we have not quite reached the age of personal jetpacks and robotic butlers, we are well on our way! Robotics is used in everything from space exploration to mechanics to biology – the field is growing

HFC Partners with WIN to Provide Robotics Training

HFC recently partnered with the Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN) for Southeast Michigan to provide robotics and automation training to workers in southeastern Michigan. The U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Employment and Training Division awarded WIN a $6 million

Radiography Students Meet and Exceed National Benchmarks

HFC’s Radiographer (RAD) Program continues to meet and exceed many national benchmarks, including the student pass rate on the national credentialing exam. Students in the RAD Program have a 93 percent pass rate on the American Registration

Enhance Your Job Searching Using Social Media

11 Tips for Using Social Media to Land a Job Traditional job application techniques aren’t enough to keep pace with new methods being used by social media-savvy applicants. Social media platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+,

Get Started at Henry Ford College

HFC is ready to help you start on a path to a new career and new opportunities. With more than 120 degrees and programs available, a new career is easy to attain. HFC is happy to help

A Win-Win for Science Education in Southeast Michigan

They’re at two different ends of the higher education journey: some just starting on their associate degrees, others finishing up advanced training after earning a doctorate in biomedical science. But there’s a lot they can teach one