Public speaking and presentation skills are important in many professional disciplines, and part of the HFC mission is to provide students with career-ready capabilities, no matter what their field of study or future career path. The new Public Speaking Lab is part of our personalized education for each student.

This lab is a result of the HFC Technology Investment Committee’s award of a $64,000 grant for the lab and the installation of lecture capture equipment in dedicated speech classrooms in Building F. It is not only open to students in public speaking classes, but to all students across all disciplines.

Full-time speech instructors will provide one-on-one consultation services to HFC students in a comfortable, inviting space. Faculty will assist students with:

  • topic selection
  • speech outlines
  • confidence building
  • rehearsal
  • speech recording
  • video playback and analysis
  • development of overall public speaking skills necessary at the college level and beyond

“Public speaking is important in the classroom, on the job, and in the community,” said Toney. “If students cannot convey their message in a succinct, effective manner, they will not be able to connect with the audience. The lab gives Vinita, Stan, and I the opportunity to help students build their confidence and position them to be effective communications in all aspects of life.”

For questions or more information, contact Toney at 313-845-9837 or [email protected].