Zach Brukley credits his new career as a scientist to HFCC’s Biotechnology Program, which he discovered working as a custodian. Brukley recently graduated with an associate’s degree in Biotechnology and has transferred to Wayne State University. He completed an internship at Enzo Life Sciences in Ann Arbor.

“Because of a confluence of excellent instructors, the amazing resources for science students in the new science building and my own hard work, I was able to get a meaningful education that legitimized me in the eyes of other, more experienced scientists,” Brukley said. “The teachers in the Biotech Program were extremely helpful. Based on my experiences, the Biotech curriculum taught me the techniques I’d need to become a credible scientist. A couple of teachers took me aside and taught me something extra when they could. I gained a huge advantage taking my first two years of college at HFCC, and I’m extremely proud to earn a degree from HFCC,” he added.

Kurt Anthony Krug